Day 1: Apo Island – Siquijor
0500 Bound to Dumaguete from NAIA T3
0620 Arrival at Dumaguete Airport
0630 Trike to Ceres Bus Terminal
0640 Ceres Bus Terminal ride a bus going to Malatapay for Apo Island Tour
0735 ETA Malatapay, walk going to Boat Station, rent a boat standard pricing 4pax=2k 8pax=3k 10pax=3.5k (we waited for about 1hr and 30mins looking for someone we can tag along for us to minimize the cost of the boat and luckily we were able to hitched with two foreigners)

Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita

Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita

0900 ETD Boat Station to Apo Island
0930 Apo Island, Registration Secure Guide, Rent Snorkeling Gear
0950 Moments with Pawikan and other sea creatures. Best time to visit the island is during hightide and weekdays (less people impact)


Moments with Pawikan Apo Island Turtle – Jayson Dizon

1400 Wash up, pack up
1430 ETD Apo Island to Malatapay Boat Station
1500 Malatapay Boat Station
1520 ETD Boat Station to Dumaguete Port
1600 Dumaguete Port, buy tickets going to Siquijor.
1640 ETD to Siquijor
1820 Siquijor, trike and check in at Replica’s Manor. Rest. End of the Day.

Day 2: Siquijor Day Tour – Dumaguete

0630 Start of Siquijor Tour, rented a Habal-habal with driver/tour guide since we want to maximize our time to visit all the spots in the island.
Spot Visited:
Old Balete Tree and Fish Spa
Lazi Convent and San Isidro Labrador Church
Cambugahay Falls
Salagdoong Beach
Cantabon Cave (Spelunking)
Siquijor Beach (secured tickets going back to dumaguete 4:00pm departure)
1430 back to Replica’s Manor, wash up
1540 Siquijor port
1600 ETD Siquijor to Dumaguete
1740 Dumaguete Port
1750 Rizal Blvd., Chill, food trip at street foods.
2000 Couchsurf at Val Caro house – end of the day

Day 3: Manjuyod and Dolphin Watching
0300 Wake up call
0330 ETD CS house to Ceres Bus Terminal – Trike
0350 ETA Bus Terminal
0410 ETD to Bais
0500 Arrival at Bais
0530 ETD Bais to Capinahan Warf – trike
0600 Capinahan Warf, Haggle boat, start of the tour

Manjuyod White Sand Bar

Manjuyod White Sand Bar

0830-1000 Dolphin Watching best time for dolphin watch is morning when the water still cold
1130 Manjuyod Sand Bar unfortunately we weren’t able to witnessed the sand bar since it’s still high tide when we were there, best time to visit it is in the late afternoon when water already receded.
1230 ETA Capinahan Warf
1300 ETA Bais Terminal – Trike
1440 ETA Bais Terminal to Dumaguete – Bus
1440-1600 Wash Up, walk around the city, Buy Pasalubong at San Rival, trike to Dumaguete Airport
1800 NAIA 3

Day 1:
Airport to Ceres bus trike 120/2=60php
(You can walk outside the airport and haggle a trike, much cheaper thant airport trike)
Ceres Bus to Malatapay 50php
Boat ride to Apo 2k/4=500php
Guide fee apo 300/4=75php
Cottage 300/4=75php
Snorkeling mask 100php
Malatapay to Dumaguete port Trike 150/2= 75php
(Option: you can ride a bus going to port 50php)
Boat to Siquijor 130php
Trike to replicas manor 30/2=15php
Replicas Manor 09298401358 aircon room good for 4pax 850/2= 425
(Option: non-ac 650 good for 2pax
Replica’s manor is near at siquijor port)
Total day 1: 1,505.00

Day 2:
Tour at Habal-habal with Tour guide 1000/2=500php
Recommended Kuya Luloy 09097561901
Balete Tree entrance 5php donation 10php
Cambugahay Falls Donation 50php, park fee 10/2= 5php
Salagdoon beach all in 35php/pax
Cantabon Cave 500php for 1st 3pax
500/2 =250 php guide
Reg fee 10php
Head lamp 20php
Trike from replicas manor to port 20php
Siquijor to dumaguete 130php
Duma Port to Couchsurf trike 10php
Total Day 2: 1,045.00

Trike from couchsurf to Ceres bus 10php
Ceres bus to Bais 70php
Boat Rent w/ Free trike to Bais to Capinahan Warf: 2000/2=1000php
This is the best offer so far! We haggled it from 3500 to 2000
Bait ni Ate Rebecca (not sure of her name) hehe 09059614678
Bais to Dumaguete Bus 70php
Trike to Airport 30/pax
Terminal fee 150php
Total day 3: 1,330.00

Total expenses: 3,880.00
Food and Pasalubong not included.
Sorry for the long post!

Posted by: Jayson Dizon

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