The land of Negros is bustled with distinct towns and cities that standout from one another. Valencia is not an exception, the town that towers the other neighboring municipalities for its mountainous and trailing geographical features. Being verdant with green vegetation and bodies of water in the land slopes, the town is very popular for having the top destinations in the province.

The mystical beauty that nestled on the land is engulfed with breathtaking picturesque sceneries. People from different walks of life are surrounded with work of man-made arts, standout bistros and magnificent natural resources which makes them lucky. The town is clustered with resorts, various landmarks and one of a kind adventure for every one of any ages to enjoy.

If Valencia is on your a-list of travel goals, here are some of the best activities to do in Valencia’s tourist’s come-on for your indulgence!



1. Chilling and Wilding out at Forest Camp


The nature’s twin Forest Camp is one of the best Valencia trademarks, this mountain resort humbly situated in the upper road of Valencia. Endowed with the verdant forest and vegetation, the resort is widely known not only by local folks but as well as the neighboring towns and foreign wanderers. Its affordable amenities jive well on the quality experience you will get. Swimming at the natural pools, resting in the indigenous cottages, tilapia fishing spree, trailing the hanging bridge, trekking, zip-line whooping and goofing around the cascading mini waterfalls are some of the reasons why Forest Camp is a timeless come-on.



2. Vacay at Tierra Alta


A lighthouse in top of the hill may sound outrageous but in Valencia, it is not. Quite far from the sea as what a lighthouse is expected but in Tierra Alta, the landmark stood resilient in the highest steep hill which castled on top of the town. The Tierra Alta residential resort breathed luxury and nature. The sophisticated features include the Greek-inspired clubhouse and pavilion, the Tierra cafe, lagoon-type infinity pool, picnic and bonfire areas, lighthouse viewing deck and cliff-side Boulevard. Every first-timer should check this out and spoil yourself on the whiplash view all over the town.


3. Casaroro Falls quest!

For everyone who’s up for a wild adventure, this is for you! The steeply trails and mystifying road in reaching the falls is quite a challenge but a good leg exercise. Nature enthusiasts will admire the thick foliage of greenery and the elusive birds chirping in dreamlike hum. Gigantic trees and immense rocks will come across your way before reaching the majestic Casaroro falls, cascading as the center-stress on the jungle.


4. History rehash at Japanese Shrine


Hovering in the mountainous heights of Valencia is the monumental landmark of Fil-Am Japanese Amity Shrine. The three angled pillar stood proudly in the middle of verdant grasses, embracing its mysterious aged stories behind the regality. The place is also surreal and tranquil which is a nostalgic commemoration of friendship between Filipinos, American and Japanese. Indeed, a perfect place for anybody who’s longing for a peace of mind and hushed comfort.



5. Unwind at Red Rock Spring


If you’re yearning for an escape from your stressful weekdays, the Red Rock Spring welcomes you with open arms. Breathe out all the negativities for awhile and soak-in in the therapeutic spring as it is known for its health benefits – healing Asthma, Arthritis, Insomnia, Allergic Rhinitis, and Fatigue. What makes the spring unique is its “literally” red rocks which is caused by oxidation, scattered all over the lukewarm water.



6. Bring out extravaganza at Tejero Highland Resort

This family friendly recreational resort and adventure park in Valencia is something you shouldn’t miss. Tejero Highland resort can be your top option in your first visit in Valencia town. The festive atmosphere in the place with its numerous marvelous facilities including F1 race zipline, bungee trampoline, and aqua zorb ball will make you ooh-la-la. The resort also has river-fed pool and two large regular pools for everyone in all ages to enjoy!



7. Dive at Pulang Bato Waterfalls


Where can you find waterfalls where the cascade vaults like crystal clear while the wall bedding rocks strikes as ruby red? Well, this Valencia come-on is the foreign favorite because of it unique coloration. The presence of sulfur or iron mineral is believed to be the reason of its distinctive color. High diving seekers can also enjoy its deep swimming hole. And as a rookie visitor of Valencia town, this will surely delight you perfectly!

8. Swimming at Ocean24

The presence of geothermal plant in the town benefited not only the house-to-house local folks but as well as the swimming resorts. One of these resorts is the ever promising Ocean 24. Arrayed with tall coconut trees outside the vicinity, Ocean 24’s offers best quality thermal and chilly pool in just an inexpensive price. Multiple cottages are also available for group gatherings and siesta time.


9. Nibbling some snacks at Paco’s Taco Restaurant

Are you craving for a Mexican cuisine? Well, the Paco’s Taco Restaurant can surely fill up your Mexican fantasies and try there bestselling tacos and the chicken fajitas. Breakfast burritos are up in line for you to enjoy. You can bring your friends and families or choose to enjoy the dishes alone.

10. Visit the World War 2 Museum/ Cata-al War Memorabilia

Gold-rusting in the residence of Valencia is a homespun museum where old relics and memorabilia from the World War II are nesting. The collections of bombs, helmets, bullets, soldier uniforms and others filled the home of Mr. Felix Cata-al on which he is really fond of what he is doing. The museum gives a chilling yet eerie vibe throughout the visit in which curious visitors make them wonder more. Dummies and authentic human skulls can also be spotted on the museum which can fur-up your Valencia escapade.

11. Selfie in Kaipuhan Sulfur River










If you’re tired with all the swimming sprees in the town’s resorts, here is another place for you to check out. The Kaipuhan Sulfur River may sound acquainted to the Red Rock falls and springs but it is totally different aesthetically. You can never expect to swim or paddle here but you can grab your camera and strike a pose. The river area is totally dried-up and covered with cotton candy white shade because of sulfur chemical tattooing the river beds. The whole place is odd yet animated, the headless dead trees also adds a dramatic tincture to the river.

12. Reach the pinnacle of Mt. Talinis

Seeking for worthwhile thrill? Climbing the highest peak of Negros Oriental through Mt. Talinis is the best adventure ever! Mt. Talinis is dubbed as one of the most visited places in the town of Valencia. If you’re a nomad for quest of rough trekking, this summit challenge is all for you. The rhythmic sound of the wind from the pinnacle can ease your exhaustion on the way plus the verdant evergreen is the best visual delight. The paramount enchantment awaits for every nature seekers hence, missing this one is the least option for you.

13. Fun stroll at Valencia central Plaza


If you’re planning to visit Valencia town at you laziest moody state, you can contemplate yourself in a fun and peaceful stroll around the central plaza. The huge plaza is clustered with variety of tall trees and flourishing flowering plants. Local folks are also scattered around bringing-out their own moments of life. The town square is bordered by the major community institutions – the parish church, the market, the town hall and the playground.

14. Carefree biking down the mountain slopes

A fun and healthy travel can equate to a cool yet cheap trip if you chose to. Grab your five-am breakfast and kick-off your biking spree in the mountain slopes of Valencia. Enjoy the uptown accent while biking down the trail of big woods and whooshing like a superhero. It is also a perfect meditation to connect with nature and enjoy peaceful solitude. Not to mention, it is an effortless work-out.

15. Taste the famous boneless lechon at the town plaza

It’s chow time! Get your fingers ready as you’re about to the taste the most popular boneless lechon in Valencia. Situated in the town’s plaza, the boneless lechon house has proven its best as local folks and people from neighboring town keeps up on the long line just to taste the delicious lechon in town. This will be a non-diet dinner for your visit but remember – first come, first serve.