In the verdant land of Negros, there is a town engulfed with a myriad number of travel wonders. This land is known as the land of prestige and cultural acclaims. This place is none other than Sibulan. The town of Sibulan serenely rested in the southeast part of Negros Oriental, situated there with regality along with its more than 59,455 inhabitants. Sibulan is recognized for its semi-urbanized barangays fused with the land’s natural country mood. The fast-rising municipality is blessed with picturesque and prismatic come-on. Thus, many foreign outlanders have witnessed its mystical beauty, natives from the neighboring towns has indulged themselves with the town’s appeal as well. Moreover, the town’s natural and man-made haven has broke the tourism headlines across the province.

For an indulgence and sneak peek, here are the headline destinations clustered in the various barangays of Sibulan.


1. Quality Adventure at Twin Lakes

Pure nature and evergreen is the main depiction of Sibulan’s Twin Lakes. Because of the lush greenery and thick  foliage fresh around the lakes, Lake Danao and Balinsasayao pristinely lie in mystic unison as rainforest center stress. Tucked away from the urban lights of civilization, the twin lakes nested beside the mother maintains with its emerald clear water. With its 1000 feet above sea level craters, the twin lakes exude surreal vibe and stillness beneath the water. Rare species of birds and insects can also be spotted around the terrain.


2. Counting Stars in Puncak Tanawan


Infectious vast sky, panoramic view of terrestrial haven, Puncak Tanawan situated in the upper slopes of barangay Balugo. The paramount view of the place has become widespread among the public. With this, Puncak Tanawan became tourist extravaganza among the people of Negros Oriental. As the night curtain falls, visitors will be overlooking a pitch black sky sprinkled with  twinkling gemlike stars. The place smells like early morning dew and endowed with wide pasture of hilly shrubbery and floras.


3. Witness the Yag-yag Festival spectacle

Witness the Yag-yag Festival spectacle

Filipinos have a strong penchant for festivities. The country’s merriment generally relies on upbeat celebrations like fiestas and festivals. Hence, Yagyag festival is one of the many secular activities in the country. Yagyag festival is considered as the face of Sibulan municipality tourism. What makes Yagyag iconic is its unique aesthetics; this comprises its fast paced choreography, flashy eye candy colors and the tantalizing dancers. Yagyag generally is an reenactment of the cagangs (crabs) panicky behavior in the seashores and riverbanks of barangay Cangmating. The festival has also brought accolades both locally and internationally.


4. Weekend refreshing at Sea Forest Resort

Weekend refreshing at Sea Forest Resort

Tropical fun and delight is right before your eyes. Sea Forest Resort and Restaurant is one of the brilliant destinations in town. Located in a private beach area in barangay Ajong. What makes the resort unconventional is its natural forest atmosphere complementing with the seaside ambience. With the fun-filled amenities, goers can satiate themselves by whooshing around the big pools, tree houses, water slides, Jacuzzi, pavilion, dancing fountain and underwater aquarium.


5. Summer spree at Cangmating Beach Resorts

Summer spree at Cangmating Beach Resorts

Disentangling oneself and hopping-up are some kind of unwind. Making love with the summer almond sunlit with your pale/sun-kissed skin is a startup for a beach party. A certain barangay in Sibulan is known for its affluent swimming/beach resorts. Known for its Yagyag festival, barangay Cangmating is possessed with beautiful swimming beaches. Many of these beach resorts are being patronized by the public, namely El Aquino Resort, Prestige, San Moritz, Casa Margaritha, Panorama at the rest will follow if you visit the location.


6. Short vacay at Bravo Golf Hotel Resort

Short vacay at Bravo Golf Hotel Resort

A sophisticated hotel resort is positioned on the wide green golf course of barangay Looc, Sibulan. Sitting perfectly in the wide terrain of evergreen, Bravo Golf hotel superiorly eyes the scenic wide sky avalanche picturing Cebu, Sequijor and the adjacent towns as well. The location was designed ages ago and is noted for being one of the earliest golf courses in the country as it was built back in 1945. Thus, the resort is a priority venues for memorable events like wedding receptions, anniversaries and birthdays.


7. Eat by the Sea at Jo’s Chicken Inato

Eat by the Sea at Jo's Chicken Inato

A heavy lunch or dinner? Well, Jo’s Chicken Inato is a tranquil an ideal pit stop for those who travel. Refreshing and savoring the enticing invitation of sea waves while munching a grilled meat. Ease all the worries and give yourself a treat by satisfying your tasty buds with their wide variety of menus from the main course, appetizers, desserts and beverages.


8. Meditation stroll in Our Lady’s Garden

Meditation stroll in Our Lady's Garden

Where can you find a place where everything is monumental and enchanting? A haven where the mountain kisses the sea passionately. Our Lady’s Garden in barangay Ajong is an A-list place to visit in Sibulan. Surrounded with verdant green pasture, a variety of ornamental plants plus the wild orchids blooming in beam light. Atop of the natural aesthetics is the sacred sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, glorifying its heavenly surrounding. The serene place is an ideal destination for contemplation and fancy strolling.


9. Family picnic at Dream Park Resort

Family picnic at Dream Park Resort

So much offer if we can get an affordable yet delightful gateway this steamy hot season. Indeed, a place that falls to that description is Ajong’s Dream Park Resort. With a minimal budget, everyone can enjoy the resort’s facilities. The pool is huge enough for your wishy-washy playful acts with your family and friends. What’s cool, bringing of personal food is not limited to everyone. The resort if often a place for team buildings, family gatherings and other activities.


10. Catching up with buddies at Sibulan Park

Catching up with buddies at Sibulan Park

Sibulan plaza is not just a typical park like everybody used to know, it is a place of stories and companionship. People of all ages engaged themselves in a fun stroll and chattering. The town plaza rested quietly in the town’s center barangay, engulfed with garden plants and center kiosk . The Sibulan park has witnessed the downfalls and progresses of Sibulanon folks. The annual reinvention of the town plaza will never diminish the legacy of its people and its success.