Lenten season is about to outset. Solemn religious activities are about to kick off as part of the religious nature of the Filipinos. And one the activities is the Seven Churches Visitation, also known as Visita Iglesia. Visita Iglesia is an ancient tradition observed by the Catholic faithful during holy week. This comprises the act of visiting seven churches during the evening of Maundy Thursday and pray before the Blessed Sacrament in every church, this act is to reflect and repent on the Passion of the Christ and as well as a personal glorious contemplation.

In the province of Negros, several divine churches are all over the land. People of all ages can go together for Visita Iglesia for the holy meditation. Below is the list of the ideal churches all over the province where you could do the act Lenten Visita Iglesia.


 1. Dumaguete Cathedral1-dumaguete-cathedral

Location: Dumaguete City

Situated in the city of Dumaguete, the St. Catherine of Alexadria Church is one of the sturdiest old architecture in the city. It is even referred as the “Oldest Stone Church in Negros” and is originally built in 1754 to 1776. In the year 1885, the church was reconstructed and is one of the center sphere of Dumaguete.


 2. San Antonio de Padua Church

Location: Sibulan

In the town of Sibulan, San Antonio de Padua Church is standing sturdily in the center barangay Poblacion. Built way back in 1953, San Antonio de Padua Church is one of the minimalistic art structures in the province. The church is also sacred to all the Sibulanons and is the destination every “Dagkot sa Trese”.


 3. San Agustin of Hippo Church

Location: Bacong

Resting peacefully near the Bacong sea, St. Augustine of Hippo Church was constructed on1865 by the Augustinian Recollects. The church also the has unique complex structure of stonework which is noted by the visitors. During holy contemplation and religious activities, the church is tranquil and ideal.


 4. San Diego Pro-Cathedral4-san-diego-pro-cathedral

Location: Silay City

In the City of Silay, the San Diego Pro-Cathedral has stood not only as a House of God but as well as an outstanding city landmark. Before its declaration as a pro-cathedral church in 1994, the church was known as San Diego Parish Church or the St. Didacus Parish Church. Aesthetically, the church is very prominent because of its cupola or dome structure of its upper tip tower.


 5. St. Joseph the Worker5-st-joseph-the-worker

Location: Victorias City

The center of Catholic faith in the city of Victorias, St. Joseph the Worker Chapel is commonly known by its folks as Angry Christ Church. Being eminent as a lead structure of modern sacral in the country, St. Joseph the Worker Chapel stirred controversy among the conservative church because of the strikingly vibrant visuals of symbolism and the  portrayal of Jesus Christ as an Angry God. The chapel was established way back 1949.


 6. San Sebastian Cathedral6-san-sebastian-cathedral

Location: Bacolod City

The late 19th century church was structured in 1882 and officially professed as a cathedral back in 1933. San Sebastian Cathedral in the city of smile Bacolod, is one of the century-old churches in the Negros Island. With its coral stone and hardwood structural elements, the holy cathedral is a highlight landmark in the city.


 7. Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish7-our-lady-of-the-abandoned-parish

Location: Valencia

Became the only parish church left to the spiritual administration of the Augustinian Recollects in Negros Oriental, Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish is an ancient witness of the progress of the municipality of Valencia. The church was established between 1960 to 1961 with the aid of  a Recollect parish priest, Father Pedro Ko. He is also the person behind the construction of San Pedro Academy both located in the heart of the municipality.


 8. San Nicolas De Tolentino Church8-san-nicolas-de-tolentino-church

Location: Bais City

This parish church in Bais City stands amid of the quiet street on the ground. With its pudgy thick structure, San Nicolas De Tolentino is the center peace of the city. The architecture of the construction is clean and pristine. The church became the witness of the paced progress of the city of Bais.


 9. St. James the Greater Parish

Location: Tanjay City

The visual aesthetics of the tangibles in St. James the Greater Parish is worth the while. This landmark is situated in the humble city of Tanjay. The midpoint attraction for divine reverie makes the city into holy merriment for the local folks. With the Lenten season kicking off, sure fire that the church will have its busy days ahead.


 10. Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Parish Church10-saint-nicholas-of-tolentino-parish-church

Location: Talisay City

Established way back in 1850, the parish of Talisay was originally known as Minuluan. Recollect priest, Fr. Fernando Cuenca headed the construction of the church which is now known as Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Parish Church. The church is also said to be the only church left, which is under the perpetual care of the Recollects of Bacolod City.