Endowed with the whispery indulgence of an ideal favorable refinement, Tanjay city is a definition of tranquility meets civilization. This 4th class city is humbled by its progressive landmarks and business across its perimeter. Tanjay city has a total land area of 275.05 km which situated on the adjacent Bais City and Amlan. Through the years, Tanjay city recorded a total of 80,532 population as of 2012.

With its 27,605 hectares of land area, the whole city border is being utilized for the public’s agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial, educational and ecological milieu. The peaceful and flourishing city is also an acer of tourist come-on, clustering all over the city. And these destinations is being developed since the 1980’s with a wide array of classifications. Not to mention, Tanjay is dubbed as the “city of professionals” because of the high quantity of career oriented people.

For the backpackers and strollers, here are the top reasons why you should spare some time luxury and visit the city of Tanjay.


1. Get along with the Bud-bud Festival extravaganza



Aiming to showcase the city’s signature delicacy (bud-bud), Bodbod festival incorporates the local folk’s camaraderie in portraying the process of bud-bud making through stellar choreography. The aesthetically pleasing movements of the dancers and their vibrant props display the colorful culture of Tanjay city.

2. Strolling at Boardwalk



This popular attraction of the city got the tourist gypsies enchanted. Although the destination is isolated from the busy lights, people will surely appreciate its ethereal and tranquil atmosphere. The entangled mangrove trees on the roof is lit plus the splashing waves from under adds to the surreality and serenity.

3. Kick start the summery vibe at Luparan Falls


Let’s get it on with some serious adventure stuff. Luparan falls is one of the most visited destination, with some trek hopping before reaching the cascading falls. What makes the falls diverse from others is its gentle drop coming from the mountain heights.

4. Indulge and taste the famous Bud-bud


The signature sweet delicacy, bud-bud is what makes the city famous and established for. The delicious bud-bud is  made of sticky rice cakes or glutinous rice with fresh coconut milk, sugar, salt and a special ingredient that only Tanjayanon can make. This is probably one the most memorable delicacy of the city which cultivates their title as suman city.

5. Play with the greens in Mambulong Lake


Evergreen before your eyes. Yes, the Mambulong lake is screaming with verdant freshness and the smell of early morning. The mystic lake is surrounded with thick foliage, corn crops, tall trees and other forms of greenery. A place that everyone shouldn’t miss.

6. Luxury vacation at Melania’s Garden Resort


Summer is radiating all over the province and if there’s a place for summer spree, Melania’s Garden resort in an a-list. The place of serenity which offers worthwhile comfort and delicious local dishes. The place is also perfect for business and leisure activities that can accommodate hundreds of guests.

7. Contemplation at St. James the Greater Parish


The holy place in the city is one of the famous landmarks in the area, the St. James the Greater Parish. Local folks visited the church to have their own moment of contemplation and giving thanks for all the blessings in life had provided. This holy architecture has witnessed the progress of once a little town until it became a developed city.

8. Thrilled by the exhilarating “Paaway sa Kabayo”


Activities in Tanjay City in truly kickass! More than 100 horses have been trained solely twice a year for the anticipated event. Various breeds of horses are being clashed together for the traditional horse combat.