Where can you find a city that calls the visitors for its unspoken warm invitation? A city that sits beneath the breezy shore where almond sunrise and sunset emerged. Where people are christened by their warm and gentle hospitality which is never an overstatement.

Dumaguete as a capital city of the province Negros Oriental has always been a stand out destination for visitors. It is because of the handful tourist’s attractions and the opportunities of numerous outdoor and indoor activities that excites everyone.

Aside from being the city of gentle people, Dumaguete is also nicknamed as “university city” which is due to students from all over the world huddling in the city. Dumaguete is a popular educational destination not only for students from Visayas and Mindanao but also across the Asia with its neighboring countries.

Choosing Dumaguete as your target destination is a smart option. Why? Apart from its locales, Dumaguete is clustered with many high-end restaurants that are kind on everyone’s pocket. In fact, Dumaguete City is named by Forbes Magazine as one of the World’s best places to retire.

Well, the veracity is beyond the obvious because even the prominent people around the country had witnessed its affordable foods and places which come in high quality. Naming the destinations, here are some of Dumaguete’s most exciting places to visit.

Dumaguete has so much to offer, one of these is the popular Rizal Boulevard. This timeless local and tourist favorite destination is best of the many cafes and bistro for everyone to enjoy. The place is also a favorite hub of many inspired artists because of its picturesque view – sunset and sunrise as a desired subject.


The boulevard also tells stories from all walks of  life, witnessing the typical Dumagueteño type of living. The encrusted trees also brought the mint breeze that complements the relaxing seashore invitation. When the dusk covered the bright sky, the illuminating lamps will guide every night strollers.

It is not a big deal to skip the snack for the meantime, because a challenging treat is ahead near the boulevard. The famous balut and tempura lane is waiting to every visitor. It may not be new to everyone, especially to every Filipino to eat balut (fertilized duck egg that contains partially developed embryos).

For non-Filipinos this is definitely foreign to the taste buds, but giving it a try is the best option. Slurping balut with tempura while watching the vast blue sky with acoustic sound in your ears, local bands usually perform near the area is such a taste, visual and auditory treat to contentment.

One of the premium destinations in the city is the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral, which is the oldest church in Negros. It is never a bad option to contemplate for awhile and pray, the building is constructed around 1754-1776.

The famous Belfry Towers which is just beside the cathedral is one of Negros’ iconic places. Devotees spend their afternoon on the place to light some candles and pray for their loved ones. It was built back in 1760.

One of the best educational landmarks is the one and only Silliman University. The university is dubbed as the first American university in the Philippines and the entire Asian continent. The university was first established back in 1901 and has kept some of its original structures intact for tourists to see.

The amiable café which is the Sans Rival Cake and Pastries has run the business since 1977. The favorite food destinations has been a wider talk not only by local folks, but as well as the tourists all over the country. The creamy Silvanas is a long time favorite by everyone as well as the Black Forest and Brazo de Mercedes.


The city is surrounded by natural and man-made landmarks and attractions which indulged the longings of every visitor. Many people in the country have witnessed the outstanding charm of Dumaguete, now, it is time for the world to discover and fall in love in the city of gentle people.