Buckle up and let’s gear some fresh adventure!

The Negros Island is truly endowed with various travel destinations and preeminent landmarks. Despite all the technological advancement in the country, Negros has remained pristine and verdantly natural; safeguarding its natural resources from innovation peril. From the upper to lower geography, the province is huddled with a wide array of Visayan culture which is all distinct in every municipality.

In the heart of Negros Island, a cloistered town is situated; roughly 90 kilometers north of Dumaguete City. The mountainous place is covered with thick lush of greenery and smells early morning dew. This municipality is hosting trekky-bumpy adventure, waiting to every enthusiastic adventurer. This is the town of Mabinay

Mabinay becomes one of the tourist spots not only of the “Negrenses” but of the whole Visayas and foreign countries around the world. The wholesome greenery all over the town offers tranquility which is incomparable from other tourist come-on. The peak area of the town outstretches a picturesque view of the further municipalities. Meditation and self-contemplation on the sunrise over the cliffs is just some of the effortless activities for you to enjoy. The “cave-town” of the province delivers the timeless opportunity to travel-seekers to explore the heart of the town.

Gearing to Mabinay

The strenuous and elevated geography of Mabinay is not a hindrance for everyone to reach the majestic town. In fact, getting your way there is quite easy as ABC. Hop your way to Dumaguete Bus Terminal, which is near the Robinson’s Place. The travel will take you three to four hours depending on the road traffic and speed. The designated buses will stop at the Mabinay Bus Terminal, which is one ride to some of the town’s finest landmarks. With the smooth and safe travel, you can treat yourself with the views along the highway of every municipality – seeing people from all walks of life and their livelihood and culture.

4 Iconic Destinations and Activities

1. Mabinay Caves

mabinay cave explore negros travel negros

Mabinay is best known for its infamous caves being dubbed as the “Cave Town” capital of the province. This is mainly because of more than 400 caves positioned all over the town geography. The geological formation of the town is composed of limestone, responsible for the existence of these underground descents. Hiking and trekking your way down the caves is its exciting activities. The abundant vegetation and towering woods make the adventure surreal and serene.

One of the caves in town is the Odloman Cave. This cave holds the record as the second longest cave system in the country. With 8,870 meters long and 82 meters vertical range, Odloman cave is comprised with narrow corridors and active streams, setting a rugged obstacle for the awaiting adventurers.

2. Mabinay Spring Resort

mabinay spring explore negros travel negros

We are living in a scorching summer! Mabinay Spring Resort is one of the most visited summer destination in Mabinay. The resort is very accessible since it is just ten minute tricycle ride from the bus terminal. Local folks and travelers are enjoying its cold-cascading water from swimming lagoon, century old trees and chirping birds around the vicinity. Travelers who broke a sweat from the rocky adventure can ditch the heat and enjoy the tranquility. Before kicking a swimming spree on the spring, you can enjoy a lazy stroll around the area while realizing the natural verdant surroundings.

Visitors can also enjoy kayaking, sloshing in the deep cold water. Keeping every guess at safe haven, the resort management also provides life vests to surefire the fun of everyone. Mini-houses were also built for overnight accommodations, while cabins are near the pool area. These resort facilities are of charges in a very affordable amount for everyone to enjoy.

3. Mabinay Motocross Competition

mabinay moto cross explore negros travel negros motorcross

Gearing-up an upgrade for Mabinay tourism is the incorporation of motocross competition in town. The competition takes place in town in a multiple times annually, inviting motocross enthusiast across the town and its adjacent municipalities.  The competition is considered traditional in Mabinay; taking advantage of the herky-jerky landscape which is ideal for the competition.

4. Langub Festival

langub festival mabinay explore negros travel negros

Setting the colorful props and festive musicality around the town, Langub festival is one of the largest occurring events in the whole town region. This significant event is taking place every 24th of January. Blast of merriment are occurring during the occasion from street dancing, pageant night, sports event and upbeat entertainment are some of the activities during this celebration which coincide with the town fiesta. Foreign travelers can also experience this festive celebration, experiencing the town’s rich history and colorful culture.

Indeed, setting your travel foot on Mabinay is much of an experience. The distinctive municipality is enriched with tourist’s come-on, waiting to be explored. The panoramic and candid experience in this town is a countless-treat, keeping the local folks and travel seekers on hype. Leave no stones unturned in the heart of Negros Island – Mabinay.


BONUS: More Adventures!!

1. Swing! by Xtreme Lines Adventure


Experience the “Swing”!! Located in Kauswagan Bridge, Mabinay, Negros Oriental. Hosted by Xtreme Lines.

2. SEA OF CLOUDS at Pinayun-an Peak of Mabinay, Negros Oriental.

Gazing upon the view of the Sea of Clouds would make the exhausting trip worth it. Most tourists dub it as the sea of clouds in Negros Oriental. The Mabinay mountain is not only popular for it’s alluring, mysterious caves but also for the breathtaking view of a thick layer of clouds encircling the summit.